Being away from an abusive environment enables you to consider the options available and make informed choices about your future.


Refuge staff will work alongside you to offer support for you to make informed choices about your housing, benefits and financial options. We can also help you to access other professional support such as legal, medical and debt advice.


There is a dedicated children’s team to support the children as they settle in to refuge including help with access to schools, nurseries, clinics, childcare, advice, play and individual support.


When women staying in the refuge are ready to move on we will provide resettlement support to help with the transition of moving into your new home.


What is the refuge like?


Each family in the refuge has their own bedroom. There are communal facilities including living room with a TV and DVD, kitchen, laundry room, playroom and garden.

What you should try and bring with you if possible:

Identification Passports, birth certificate etc.
National Insurance Number (NI Card)
Money, bank books, cheque books, credit cards
Benefit details e.g. Income support letter
Mortgage / Rent details
Car documents and driving licence
Clothes for both you and your children
Your childrens favourite toy
Valuables, small items of sentimental value


For Advice: 01473 228 270


Our helpline provides advice and support to women
experiencing domestic abuse.


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