Centre: Process and Referral Form


All clients have to complete a Registration Form and have a Centre Appointment.



For Agencies:


Request a registration form and send us your referral so we can book the client in for an appointment.


  • You can contact the Centre and book the appointment on behalf of your client. The registration form is completed at this appointment.
  • You can ask your client to call the Centre direct and book an appointment. The registration form is completed at this appointment.


Centre Registration Form


Refuge: Referral Process


Referrals for spaces can be made by the person needing space or by a professional on their behalf.


At the point of enquiry for a refuge space staff will ask about the immediate safety of the victim as the risk to a woman at the point of leaving increases. If space is not available then alternative contact details will be offered.


A number of basic questions will be asked asked to establish the suitability of the referral in relation to the safety and wellbeing of occupants. Once basic details have been considered and the Refuge has been considered as a suitable place of safety then a full referral will be taken. Please call 01473 745111 if you have any questions or need a referral form.

Where possible a referral form will be sent by fax or email to complete and return to staff to assess. When that is not possible a verbal referral will be taken.


The decision to provide refuge space to a referred woman with or without children is based on the information provided. Once an assessment has been made and space is offered then staff will work with the referred person to arrange safe access to the refuge.


At all times during the assessment process the victim will be communicated with about the decision being made.








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