‘Manipulative’ boyfriend, 31, becomes the first person in the UK convicted for coercive behaviour based on ‘hearsay’ evidence……….


  • Steven Saunders was jailed for ‘aggressive and manipulative’ behaviour 
  • Medical professionals including midwives became aware of what he was doing
  • They reported it too the police and under new legislation he was prosecuted 
  • For the first time there was no requirement for the victim to give evidence  

A controlling boyfriend has become the first person ever to be convicted of coercive behaviour without a victim statement.

Steven Saunders, 31, was jailed for 18 months for ‘aggressive and manipulative’ behaviour against his pregnant partner.

The case is the first the crime of coercive and controlling behaviour has led to a prison sentence without the need for a victim statement or involvement from an already vulnerable and terrified victim.

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