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Volunteer Posts Now Available – 31.01.22

For further Information on our available volunteering posts and how to apply, click on ‘Lighthouse’ on the header Line and then ‘Recruitment’.


Please download the application form, job description and person spec for the role to would like to apply for, please then email or post your application to Lighthouse.


Full details on teh recruitment page.


January 31 2022

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training for the Beauty Industry – 24.01.22

The salon or therapy room is a safe space for people where they can get away from everything and relax in a therapeutic enviroment and where your clients trust in you, as the professionals delivering these personal services to them.

Clents may open up to you, because they get to know you and you become more than just somone who is providing a service. If clents disclose something of concern you will need to know how to signpost them to specialist, professional services that will give them the advice and guidance about domestic abuse that they need.

By attending this training, you will learn that you do not need to get fully involved, but by listening, responding and reffering your clients to the apporopriate services you could save a life as well as working within your strong professional boundries. An essential part of the training will help you to understand the potenial risks invloved in domestic and for you to respond in a way that does not increase any risks to your clients.


January 24 2022

Lighthouse Opening Times Over The Christmas Period

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December 23 2021

Happy Christmas from all the Team at Lighthouse

Thank you everyone for the continued and valued support during 2021.

December 22 2021

New Newsletter Available

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December 13 2021